About Service for Independent Living, Inc.

Incorporated in 1980, Services for Independent Living, Inc. (SIL) is a nonprofit, nonresidential, independent living center in Northeast Ohio advocating on behalf of and providing services to empower individuals with disabilities to lead self-directed and productive lives. SIL strives to promote access in the community and to ensure individuals with disabilities are provided the same opportunities and choices as others in areas such as public access, education, employment, transportation, housing and recreation.

SIL embraces the Independent Living Philosophy that promotes the rights of individuals with disabilities to control and direct their own lives; to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions; to have opportunities to participate in all aspects of community life; to exercise the greatest degree of choice about where you live, with whom you live and how you live; and to take risks, being allowed to fail and to learn and grow from those efforts.

SIL provides four core services as required by federal guidelines. These services are Independent Living Skills (ILS) Evaluation & Training, Individual and Systems Advocacy, Information and Referral, and Peer Support.

In addition to the required core services, SIL also offers the following services and supports to increase community-based options for persons with disabilities: Nursing Home Transition/Relocation Program; Personal Care Assistance Program (PCA); Community Education; Community Support Coaching; and Equipment Loan Program.

To provide services and advocacy which empower individuals with disabilities to lead self-directed and productive lives in the community.